Welcome To Summit Swimming 

Mon-Fri 10:15, 3:15, or 6:00
Email scott.summitswimming@gmail.com to reserve your spot!
Welcome to SUMMIT SWIMMING, a program established with traditional values of HARD WORK, DEDICATION, and DETERMINATION. We place an emphasis on training while having fun! Summit Swimming has a top-rate USA Swimming Club in the Gwinnett County area. This year round swimming program is located at Summit Chase Country Club. We are committed to providing and maintaining a high quality program of instruction and training. The staff has coached swimmers from the age group level to the national caliber swimmer.
Our full aquatics program offers the opportunity for every swimmer in your family to learn.  We instruct and train in an enclosed environment.  Our year round lesson program teaches swimmers the basics they need to be safe in the water, and offers them the opportunity to excel up to the level of competition.  Your swimmer could also join us for a Stroke Clinic, or participate in our Pre-Team group.  We would love to help your swimmer find the right spot in one of our programs.  
Join us to begin your journey to the Summit.  We Never Quit! 
Summit Swimming is the year-round aquatics program at Summit Chase. 
For summer league swimming, please go HERE
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Summit Swimming is a SAFE SPORT swim club.  


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If you have any questions please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you!