Base Camp

Group size is no more than 4 per instructor.
This is our introductory level. The objective of this level is to introduce the swimmer to the water in a comfortable and safe environment. The students will learn to: blow bubbles, submerge their head while holding their breath, the front and back float with support, kick with the support of the instructor, introduction to basic stroke movement, and jump into deep water and return to the side with assistance.


Group size is no more than 5 per instructor.
Upon completing Base Camp the swimmer will learn to: front and back float in streamline position with no support, kick in streamline position with their face in the water and breath by picking the head up and returning to the streamline position. The swimmers will also begin freestyle and backstroke motions and begin dive progression.


Group size is no more than 5 per instructor.
Capable of the Base Camp and Ridge skills, the swimmers will learn to: use freestyle kick and stroke with continual motion, use backstroke kick and stroke with continual motion, master diving, and will be able to swim 25 meters of freestyle and backstroke.


Group size is no more than 6 per instructor.
Capable of fulfilling the previous level skills, swimmers will learn to: refine freestyle and backstroke including side breathing, learn freestyle turn and backstroke start, and learn to swim 'legal' breaststroke and butterfly.
Once the swimmer completes The Crest he or she is ready for Endurance and/or evaluation for placement on the competitive team.  Please ask your instructor how to move forward.   


Current Schedule


We have been closely monitoring the fluid developments of the COVID-19 situation and its implication on our programs. We have canceled all hand-on instruction in order to comply with the guidelines mandated by Governor Kemp. We have a Saturday Stroke Clinic available for swimmers who are capable to learning with the coach out of water. For details, please CLICK HERE.

We encourage you to take this time to adhere to the recommended hygiene, social distancing, and limited gathering practices. For more information on COVID-19 and the recommended guidelines, please go to the CDC’s website at

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

Private Lessons are available by appointment. 
To schedule, please email

Lesson Policies

Swimmers must be potty trained in order to participate in lessons.
Appropriate swim attire is required. Athletic wear and other non-aquatic clothing are not permitted. 
Goggles are not provided by the lesson program. You must supply your own.
Parents and siblings are welcome to observe lessons from the seating area only. For safety reasons parents and siblings are not permitted on the pool deck.
Parents are asked to not interact with swimmers during lessons. 
Lessons missed due to weather or illness can be made up on dates/times determined by the Director. 
No refunds will be given for missed lessons.
If an entire session (group) of lessons is missed due to unforeseen circumstances, rescheduling will be at the discretion of the Director. Refunds will not be given. 




Got Questions?

If you have any questions please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you!