Where are they now?
This is still a work in progress:
Some of our past Summit Peak Swimmers:
Class of 2018
Jack Vincent  St. Andrews University (North Carolina)
Kyle Cassarra  Soiuth Georgia State College GA
Ethan Fraser Barton College  North Carolina
Class of 2017
Hannah Mahaffey swimming with MIT
Alec Young Swimming with Pace University
Kazia Patzer swimming with Barton College
Class of 2016
Kyra Fraser  Swimming with Florida Southern
Abby Swain Swimming with Birmingham Southern
Skylar Tafelski Swimming South Georgia State College
Samantha Sailor student with Georgia Tech
Class of 2015
Mary Beth Mahaffey UGA Club Swimming
Sara Thompson Virgina Tech Club Swimming ROTC
Class of 2014
Zach Patzer Swimming Lindsey Wilson College
Davis Vincemt Swimming with Carson Newman
Sarah Frey Swimming with Brenau University
Class of 2013
Andrew Linzie swimming with Gardner Webb
Evan Parker swam with Delta State
Sam Tate swam with Lindsey Wilson College
Clement Rowe swam with Emmanuel College
Hayden Pendergraft swam with Lindsey Wilson
Abigal Davis Student at UGA
Madalyn Burke Swimming club at Tennessee

Class of 2012
Alaina Mattix swam with Gardner Webb
Ali Watkins swam with Brenau University
Jordan Linzie Swam with Berry College
Beau Cown Grad From Georgia
Beth Tate Grad from GPC
Class of 2011
Zach Kimery Swam with Limestone College
Class of 2010
Doug Reynolds Swam with University of Georgia
Bradley Wise Swam with Wabash College
Scott Wise Swam with University of the South Suwannee
Peter Castle Grad from Georgia Tech
Rachel Orton Grad from Auburn
Class of 2009
Clarence Messler Swam with  University of Tampa
Stephen Takas swam with Indian River
Ben Hudlow swam with Darton College
Morgan Kimery swam with Darton College
Veronica Adams swam with Darton College
Jessica Lisska swimming club at GCSU
Class of 2008
Andrea Orton University of Gerogia Grad
Daniel Gould Southern Polytechnic State University Grad
Mitch Medley GCSU Grad
Jenna Gilbert  Swam with Darton College
Sadie Roberts  Swam with Darton College
Class of 2007
Kristen Flachbarth In Nursing School swam with Wyoming
Emily Castle Graduated swam with Davidson
Caitlin Shepherd swam with College of Charleston
Jeremy Love Georgia Tech Swimming Club
Andrew Newport student at Oxford of Emory
Class of 2006
Chris Bauer University of Georgia Graduated
Emily Roberts swam at Auburn
Ben Schoenbachler Graduated Swimmer from WINGATE Universtiy
Brandt Allen Gradduated Swam at Prestigious US Coast Guard Academy.
Classes of 1995-2005
Sam Hill: University of Georgia Graduated
Andrew Whitley University of Georgia Graduated
Reid Garner Georgia Tech Graduated
Jason Howard Georgia Tech ( Swam) Graduated
went to Law School at Georgia
Kelly Whitum Miami (Swam) Graduated
Ryan Loggins Grad Georgia Southern Swam 2 years Mgr. Lives in Loganville swims Masters with us.
Carolyn Merrifield Grad living in Boston working for the paper and still swimming masters Last I hear Climbed a MTN.
Abbie Workheiser Grad Tulane Swam  Now a teacher of music in New Orleans, Married a Lawyer
Jennifer Wheeler Grad Married
Jodie Scott Grad works (Gwinnett County Public Schools)
Amanda Brower Grad married (Woodruff now)
Thomas Towler: graduated from Presbyterian College in 2004, now resides in Athens, recently engaged to be wed this coming June 2009, sells water/swr pipe for Ferguson Enterprises Lastly says that he still the best breaststroker to ever swim a Goal Set for Summit Swimming. "We never quit baby!!"
Lee Clinard married now Grad Catholic University corrections Sorry Lee, I'm old ya know..Swam 4 years
Jamie Ashford Grad Teacher Swam all 4 years Georgia Southern
Jackie Ashford Georgia Southern Grad swam  Georgia Southern
Moe Sullivan Georgia Southern Swam 2 years